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About Me

De Kenyon likes to cook and eat weird food that tastes good but grosses people out when they find out what’s in it, like chocolate truffles with fish sauce, fish heads, and tongue sandwiches.  Her next gross-food project is going to be finding a tasty way to cook brains, which she will then feed to her daughter, aged ten.

She does karate with her daughter now, just in case zombies attack or her daughter gets mad about something she’s eaten.

Under her other name, DeAnna Knippling, she has written Choose Your Doom: Zombie Apocalypse, a pick-your-own-path comedy adventure about brains, purple mold, and the undead in which you die…but you might just save the world.

Twitter: @writerde
Facebook: Wonderland Press or DeAnna Knippling
Publisher Website:
Email: dkenyon (at) wonderlandpress (dot) com

One Response to About Me

  1. D. M. Kenyon

    I really enjoyed your site. I read the first chapter of you book and now have to visit Amazon to see how it turns out. I have two nieces that will really like the Tales Told Under The Covers.

    You caught my attention for obvious reasons. Are you part of the Kenyon family or is this a pen name? I notice that you go by Knippling as well. I am a Kenyon genealogist when I am not working or writing. Just curious.

    Wonderful work. I look forward to reading more.

    D. (Dave) M. Kenyon

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